The Academy employs teachers who are specially trained professionals in the Montessori method and certified as Early Childhood Educators. In addition, First-Aid is a requirement for all of our teachers. Our educators are knowledgeable in child development and are available as a resource to you. We have Spanish, French and Cantonese specialists and an Art assistant are also a member of our teaching staff.

All of our staff is hired on the basis of character, dedication, experience and professionalism.

Adhering to the Child Care Ministry regulations, all teachers, assistants and staff must clear a criminal check to ensure your child’s safety.
Our staff is committed to serve the best interest of each child by modeling respect and kindness.

Our staff has affiliations with the Early Childhood Educators of BC, BC Montessori Association and Association Montessori Internationale (AMI ).

Staff Profiles


Catherine Moniz
Boundary Road Campus
Directress - Toddler Program

Catherine has assisted administratively at Reach for the Stars Montessori since 2008. In 2011 Catherine moved into the toddler program. Catherine possesses her Montessori Assistant to Infancy, Infant/Toddler Education Certificate, ECE certificate, and First Aid. Catherine is loved by her students for her caring and approachable nature. Along with her organization and creativity and leadership, she is a wonderful asset to the program. She is excited to be part of the team at Reach for the Stars Montessori.

Mirjana Brezo
Boundary Road Campus
Assistant - Toddlers

Mirjana began by substituting at all of our locations in 2010. She joined our team at Boundary Rd. on a permanent basis in 2011 as an assistant in both the toddler and preschool programs. Mirjana brings with her a very caring nature and big smile to class each day. She attends to the children’s needs and assists with guidance and careful observation. Mirjana obtained her AMI Montessori Assistant certificate from the Montessori training centre of BC and holds her Bachelor Degree from Sarajevo. She also holds a current ECE and First Aid Certificate. We are very happy to have Mirjana as part of the Reach for the Stars Montessori family.

Romi (Saerom) Park
Boundary Road Campus
Assistant - Toddlers

Romi joined Reach for the Stars Montessori Learning Academy in 2012. She holds an Infant Toddler diploma, Early Childhood Education Certificate and a Bachelor degree in business management. Romi also holds a First Aid Certificate. Romi is delighted to be part of the Reach for the Stars team. She enjoys spending time with children, sharing her heart and her creativity with them. Romi is happy to be part of the Reach for the Stars Montessori school team.

Farideh Jashnasar
Boundary Road Campus Assistant

Aimee Hawker
Boundary Road Campus

Aimee was born in Vancouver and was raised on Vancouver Island. She has been working with children in a variety of different settings for over fifteen years. Aimee studied Early Childhood Education at the Pacific Rim, Early Childhood Institute. After observing the profound impact that Reach for the Stars Montessori had on her nieces she decided to further her education by receiving her AMI Primary Teaching Certification through the Montessori Training Centre of B.C Aimee is passionate about the Montessori pedagogy and feels honoured to be part of the process of helping children enrich their life and reach their fullest potential.  

Charlene Yu
Boundary Road Campus

Charlene began her work with Reach for the Stars Montessori  as a substitute teacher at the Boundary Road and Nanaimo Street campuses in 2014. She holds her current ECE License, First Aid Certificate, as well as an AMI Primary Diploma from the Montessori Training Centre of BC. She enjoys working with children and adores the uniqueness that each child carries. Her interests include listening and playing music, making arts and crafts, taking pictures of the sceneries, and learning random facts about nature. Charlene is excited to be part of the Reach for the Stars Montessori team, and she looks forward to work with the group of amazing staff members and the children!




Jackie Wilson
Kitsilano Campus

Jacqueline has over fourteen years of experience guiding and caring for young children. She graduated from the Montessori Training Centre of BC with a diploma to teach three to six year old children. Jacqueline also holds a current ECE and First Aid certificate. She completed the ECE Special Needs Program as well as the Provincial Outreach Program for Autism and Related Disorders.

Jacqueline continually strives to provide the highest quality care and education to each child in her program. She believes that every child is born with unlimited potential and is driven to discover each child's unique interests and gifts.

Jacqueline was raised and currently resides on the Westside of Vancouver with her two beautiful children and is thrilled to be part of the Reach for the Stars team and to serve the children and families in her own community.  

Sandra Dominguez
Kitsilano Campus

Sandra was born and raised in Mexico. In 2003, Sandra obtained a Bachelor Degree in Preschool Education at Escuela de Educadoras Laura Arce in Monterrey, Mexico. She has over ten years of experience both in Mexico and Canada working with children, teaching preschool and kindergarten. She also taught English to young children while in Mexico.

Looking for new opportunities, Sandra moved to Vancouver in 2005, where she encountered the Montessori Method. She both volunteered and then worked as an Assistant in a Montessori preschool in Vancouver. It was then that she decided to pursue her education and career further through the Montessori Approach. She graduated from the Montessori Training Centre of BC with an assistant diploma to teach three to six year old children. Sandra also holds a current ECE and First Aid Certificate. As an educator Sandra enjoys the satisfaction of being an integral role in the development of children and she truly feels the rewards of her career. Sandra lives with her husband and four year old son. She loves reading, cycling and cooking. She is happy to be part of the Reach for the Stars Montessori family.

Anna Stefanopoulos
Kitsilano Campus

Anna is thrilled to be teaching here at Reach for the Stars. Anna was born in Vancouver and resides in Kitsilano. She has an extensive background in childcare, working with children of all ages. Anna possesses her Early Childhood Education and her AMS Montessori Certificate. Her aim is to provide a warm, creative atmosphere that allows the children to explore and learn, while preparing them for elementary school with early learning strategies via Montessori education. Anna is honoured to be part of the team at Reach for the Stars Montressori, and will achieve to bring the children just as much joy over the years as they will bring her!

Maria Garcia
Kitsilano Campus

Ling Lam
Nanaimo St Campus

Ling began working at Reach for the Stars Montessori is 2016. She loves working with the children and she sees the child as a curious and unique individual. Ling provides the guidance and tools to help the children discover their world. Ling graduated from Montessori Training Center of B.C. and holds the primary diploma of AMI and Early Childhood Educator License issued in 2011. She speaks Cantonese, Mandarin and English. When Ling is not teaching she enjoys reading, cooking, crafting and gardening with her daughter.

Susan Sun
Nanaimo Street Campus

Susan has been a dedicated school teacher over the past three years. She graduated from the Montessori training Center of B.C. with a diploma to teach children 2.5 to 6 years of age. She also holds her ECE license and First Aid certificate. Through her work and volunteer experiences, Susan has built strong, learning-based relationships with young children. She is passionate about promoting intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual growth in each of the early learners she has the priviledge of engaging.


Angela Katelouzos
Main Street Campus

Angela Katelouzos joined Reach for the Stars Montessori Academy in 2010. She has an extensive background working with preschool aged children as well as over four years of teaching the Montessori method. She holds her A.M.I Casa Certificate, E.C.E License and First Aid Certificate. Children are drawn to Angela's enthusiastic patient and compassionate personality. Her passion in guiding children to succeed and reach their fullest potential gives her great joy and gratification.

Andrea Jones
Main Street Campus

Andrea is pleased to be an integral part of Reach for the Stars Montessori Learning Academy.

She joined the school in 2008.

She graduated from the Montessori Training Center of B.C. with a diploma to teach 3-6 year olds. She also holds a current ECE and First Aid Certificate. Her passion for teaching is motivated by the constant rewarding experience. Her enthusiasm for the Montessori method, coupled with her positive energy makes Andrea a wonderful team player. Under the guidance of an experienced Montessori teacher, Andrea began as a teacher's assistant and fell in love with the Montessori Method.  With a strong belief in the philosophy of Montessori education, Andrea went into the training to become an A.M.I. Primary Directress. 

Lisa Millican
Main St. Campus

Lisa was born and raised Calgarian, who then left Alberta at the age of 20 to live and travel abroad. This turned into 12 incredible years working with children and experiencing life overseas. She looks forward to sharing some of her stories with your children. She lived in countries such as Australia, England, South Africa, the USA and the Caribbean. Responding to her innate interest in the world and different cultures, she also managed to travel to 25 other countries while living and working in the above countries. Children and enriched education have always been a great allure for Lisa. She obtained her AMI Montessori education in Portland, Oregon. She has been working in Montessori classrooms for the past 7 years, and is very passionate about the science and philosophy behind this incredible method. Helping guide the children to their fullest potential is an immeasurable passion of hers. She loves her job. In her spare time you can find Lisa hiking, skiing, biking, going to the yoga or cycling studio, or immersed in some other passions of hers such as photography and cooking. As well she loves spending time with her friends and or travelling back to Calgary to be with family. She is passionate about working with all the children at Reach for the Stars Montessori.

Elisabeth Krajicek
Boundary Rd Campus

Elisabeth has had extensive experience working with children, since 1985.  Elisabeth was pleased to join the team at Reach for the Stars Montessori in 2006.  She brings with her many assets, including her artistic expertise.  She feels that encouraging exploration in learning is the way to foster a love for lifelong learning.  She holds her Montessori certification and has attended many workshops, conferences, and classes at UBC to further her professional growth.  She has been educated in Autism, Developmental Disabilities, and sign language.  Elisabeth also holds her First Aid.  Elisabeth is enriched culturally and is also Italian, German and French speaking.


Yolanda Korompai
Spanish Language Specialist


Helena Diogo
Founder and Principal
Director of Administration

Helena holds a degree in Business Administration and certificate in Management Science and Liberal Arts, with a background in Communications.

Helena became intrigued with education for children prior to the birth of her first daughter.  She quickly concluded that children have the potential to reach amazing heights if given the opportunity.  In the last 14 years, Helena has had 3 children and has opened 6 reputable and well recognized schools in Vancouver and Burnaby, with an AMI certified teaching staff. Helena is responsible for managing all facets of the organization.  

Helena aspires to make a real difference in each child’s educational experience.  She accredits the success of the school to the support she has received from her family, the students and their families, the cooperation from the Montessori Training Centre of BC and of course the dedicated and hardworking teachers at Reach for the Stars Montessori.

Helena continues to be passionate about improving educational opportunities for children and she looks forward to serving the children of the community in providing enriched programs.