Our program is based on self-directed, non-competitive activities, which carefully encourages the child to develop self-confidence and courage to resolve challenges and easily adapt to change.

The following comparisons are general in nature. We respect that all schools (traditional and Montessori) are unique in nature.

Our Montessori Curriculum

  • Emphasis on cognitive learning and total development, with a focus on cooperative learning
  • Child learns by handling objects themselves

  • Child learns to work independently, reinforcing what they have learned on their own and by teaching their peers
  • Child-centred learning

  • Each child accomplishes every cycle of activity at his/her own pace
  • Child has the freedom to move and work within the classroom with self-discipline and respect

  • Planned environment provides intellectual challenges in any work the child chooses to do
  • Emphasis on concrete learning
  • Self motivation

  • Child reinforces own learning by repetition of work and internal feelings of success.
  • Mixed age grouping


Traditional Method

  • Emphasis on social development.

  • Teacher directed activities, with materials dispensed at specific times throughout activity
  • Teacher is focus of classroom, determining activity cycles and time.
  • Children progress through each concept at a set pace by the teacher.
  • Curriculum is structured for the child.
  • Child is assigned a seat. Changes in environment, depend on the activity planned by the teacher. Teacher is primary enforcer of discipline.
  • Child is generally allotted specific time for each activity
  • Emphasis on abstract learning
  • Teacher sets schedules and activities
  • Learning is reinforced externally by repetition and rewards.
  • Same age grouping