Parent Involvement and Communication  
Parent / Teacher Conferences  
Special Information Effecting your Child  
Parent Involvement and Communication
We believe that parents are the child’s first and primary educators. Children are influenced within a home, community and environment. We are entrusted by parents to complement and supplement the education that is taught at the Academy.

Open and honest communication between parents and teachers builds a foundation of mutual trust, and support necessary to work together towards the best interest of the child. We encourage all parents to discuss any concerns they have with the teaching staff. In many cases, a phone call may suffice. However, appointments can be arranged with the teacher, before or after scheduled class times.

Parent / Teacher Conferences  
All parents will have the opportunity to schedule interviews with their teacher to discuss their child’s progress. Conferences generally occur twice per school year.
Communication between home and school is essential. These conferences are invaluable aids for the parent, teacher and child.

We encourage and invite all parents to become actively involved in the education of their young child.

Special Information Effecting your Child

Situations may arise at home that may affect your child’s general well-being, sense of security and level of attachment. The staff would appreciate being informed about any significant occurrences that may effect your child’s state of mind. Please use the following as a guideline:

  • A parent / caregiver being away for a period of time
  • A new member to the family
  • Accident
  • Change of address
  • Death of a family member or pet
  • Hospitalizationor Illness of parent/caregiver/sibling(s)
  • House guest
  • Separation/divorce